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Droplette Website

Droplette Website


Droplette is a skin-misting tool that pushes active ingredients 20x deeper into your skin for better efficacy. Backed on NASA, Droplette combines advanced technology with clinical strength.

Storefront Redesign

Droplette sells a one-time purchase device, recurring capsule subscriptions, and bundles that often combine the two. The existing website made it difficult for users to understand the path to purchase as a first time customer.

Byse redesigned the checkout flow to serve both first time and existing customers by display different experiences depending on customer status. Existing customers are directed towards refill capsules and subscription management, while new customers are pointed to starter sets. Customers also were given additional pathways to find the right entryway to Droplette products for them, including the ability to shop by skin concern, ingredient, and take a personal skin assesment.

Byse built custom Shopify and Recharge themes to flexibly handle both subscriptions and bundles. Built on top of Shopify, Recharge, and Rebuy Engine.
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