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human improvement

Museum of Smoothies

Museum of Smoothies


Human Improvement is an organic protein powder company focused on providing healthy, organic, sustainable protein powder that is good for the planet. The hero ingredient of human improvement protein powders is crickets, a superfood that is better for our bodies and the planet.

Online Store

Human Improvement came to Byse wanting a fun and friendly e-commerce experience that could communicate what separated their protein powder from the competition. Byse built a custom Shopify theme for them to sell products and subscriptions. A primary goal of the site was to communicate a sense of playfulness and fun in the typically boring protein powder market.

Museum of Smoothies

To get customers excited and differentiate hi! from other protein powders, Byse designed a fun digital experience that takes customers through the Museum of Smoothies.

The Museum of Smoothies is a custom web experience that is a guided tour of a fictional museum that tells the history of the smoothie throughout the ages. Building this experience included custom sound design, voice acting, and animation. In addition, the museum houses the Smoothie Hall of Fame where customers can contribute their favorite recipes using human improvement products. Don't forget to exit through the gift shop, where you can pick up your exclusive human improvement merch!
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