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Droplette Identity

Droplette Identity


Droplette is a skin-misting tool that pushes active ingredients 20x deeper into your skin for better efficacy. Backed on NASA, Droplette combines advanced technology with clinical strength.

The Brand

The Droplette team came to us with a visual identity that they had outgrown. As their customer base was growing, they needed an updated identity that felt premium and technology-driven while appealing to an everyday audience. They were also facing challenges clearly communicating the advantages of their advanced proprietary skin care technology.

Byse created new packaging, product images, logo, and visuals to establish Droplette as a premium cosmetic brand that was fun and friendly while delivering serious results. With the updated identity Byse created, Droplette transitioned from a serious technology company to a friendly, premium skincare brand without losing their science roots.
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