Gropius House Bedside table

Studio Visit: Gropius House

This month, we're revisiting our Studio Visit to the Gropius House in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Walter Gropius was the founder of the Bauhaus, and one of the most influential architects of the twentieth century. The Gropius House was designed as the family residence when he moved to the US to teach at Harvard. 

The Gropius House's architecture is revolutionary in its combination of traditional New England materials and methods with industrial, modern details, and technology. New England details like wood clapboard, brick, and fieldstone stand alongside glass blocks, chrome, and plaster. The entire house is a testament to careful consideration of environment, aesthetics, functionality, and economy all at the same time. 

The interiors featured many items from other Bauhaus students and professors, such as paintings by László Moholy-Nagy and furniture by Marcel Breur. 

The Gropius House embodies our ethos of the in between - working across time and discipline, highlighting craft and collaboration to create a new experience.


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